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Mockery Jan 18th, 2008 09:09 PM

When posting your thoughts on any new movie that just came out, please keep in mind that many people probably haven't seen it yet and don't want the whole story to be spoiled for them because they read a post of yours that didn't have any spoiler warnings in it. To help combat this, Cfr5 recently implemented a "spoiler" tag for us to use so that any potential movie spoilers can be hidden in your post until somebody chooses to reveal them by clicking on the "show/hide" button on the right side of the screen.

The tags work like this [spoiler=id]Spoiler content[/spoiler].

If only one spoiler is going to be entered on the page, you don't have to define an ID for it. However, if more people will be posting spoilers, it would be best for you to create some kind of random ID name (we suggest a combination of your user name and some random numbers). If you have any questions about the spoiler tag, feel free to post them in the Questions & Suggestions forum.

Here's an example of how the spoiler tag looks when used properly:


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