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mburbank May 12th, 2004 03:58 PM

Rummy backs interrogation methods
Rumsfeld told a Senate committee that Pentagon lawyers had approved methods such as sleep deprivation and dietary changes as well as rules permitting prisoners to be made to assume stress positions.
-Ap wire

See, this is where pictures can be helpful. Barring pcitures, clarity would b nice. Sleep deprivation for more than three straight days can make you psychotic. Dietary changes? How do we know this doesn't mean starvation, of refusing inmates water? Stress positions? What stress positions? For how long?

You couple this with the fact that the red cross said as many as 90% of prisoners are there for no reason, the fact that there's no tribunal process to determine if a person is being held for a reason, and it may not be panties, but it's still torture.

Those terms are meaningless. They were invented to be meaningless. There very purpose is to cover up brutality.

Here's the other thing. No one in their right mind thinks torture works. Torture victims will tell you what they need to to make you stop. You know, like there are hidden caches of WMD, or that a wedding party is actually terrorist caravan.

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