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Darth Mencken Feb 20th, 2011 12:22 AM

Robo Force Magazine, PDF's Anyone?
Was led to this fine site & forum by my explorations into lesser-known '80's and earlier cartoon & toy franchises. Maxx Steele's Robo Force is of particular interest to me, mainly I suppose because of the sheer fascination of "What might have been?" IMO, the setting & premise had potential. The one-shot animated pilot has blessedly been uploaded to Youtube not too long ago. Tho I feel the ending was rushed (constraints of half-hour programming), and Hun-Dred & the death ray went down WAY too quick & easy, it was captivating to finally view something I missed my one chance to catch so many years ago! Watching it, I actually mused about some sickos in or around the year 3945 AD trying to revive Hitler (The cartoon revolved around efforts to revive Nazgar, who had lain dormant for 2000 years!).

But I digress! I am aware of the existence of Robo Force Magazine. I was wondering if anyone recalled anything (besides ads for RF-related products) that ran in it? Articles, editorials, fanfics, etc? Any actual PDF's from the mag would be as gold to me!!!

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