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OxBlood Apr 6th, 2012 09:24 AM

Gamenight later on, I guess we´ll start with good old Roadkill Rallye, I love that game, it´s so...shameless for a boardgame. "Go, kill little children with your car-mounted flamethrower, it´s worth points! Oh and here, use candy, that´ll give you an additional kill-dice!".

And I´m thankfully not making that up :)

We also might try Merchants and Marauders again, gorgeous game if you have any love for Sid Meyer´s Pirates in your heart :)

Well, in the end it was half a game of Kingsburg that we stopped after year 3 (just took too long with two of the guys having to walk their dog multiple times, poor thing´s sick) and a quite extensive round of Bang! that I won because the Sheriff didn´t pay attention to my huge grin every time I told him I was the Deputy. Not my fault for not calling my kindergarden-style bluffing ;) Interestingly the REAL Deputy didn´t really try to convince his buddy that if HE was the deputy, I must be the Renegade...but who cares, I filled 3 people with holes and took the win. Yay me.

And since a month without new boardgames is a month without new boardgames, I ordered Lords of Waterdeep the other day. Looked like a nice entry-level title :)

Pentegarn Apr 10th, 2012 06:09 PM

Short rant.

Damn these game publishers for not having enough supply to satisfy the demand for their games.

I tried to order both Mage Knight and A Few Acres of Snow, both out of stock and getting them on Amazon costs 2-3 times their retail price right now.

Fucking gougers

OxBlood Apr 11th, 2012 06:14 AM

Well, if you ever happen to be near Düsseldorf, I´ll invite you to a match of A few acres of snow anytime ;)

OxBlood Apr 16th, 2012 09:06 AM

Played a bit of Summoner Wars and Lords of Waterdeep yesterday. I love how in SW, the game can always be turned around if you play your cards right (literally) which led to me losing, partially also because I didn´t spot an opportunity to finish off the other summoner.

So my Sand Goblins lost to his Phoenix Elves but who cares, I won the game of Lords of Waterdeep. I like how light and easy to play the game is, it´s almost a filler-title and a great entry-point into the world of Eurogames and workerplacement :)

Pentegarn Apr 16th, 2012 04:45 PM

So Lords of Waterdeep is actually not very complicated? That's interesting, that may make me want to buy it.

I got 4 new games, tried 3 of them so far (haven't had time to wedge in the Lord of the Rings deck builder game.

-Puzzle Strike: A 'deck builder' that uses chips and is based strongly off of puzzle fighter. I liked it, it is less daunting than the instructions make it seem and was pretty fun

-Thunderstone Advanced: If you took all the original Thunderstone games and compressed them down into an easy to swallow portion, then add a few fail safes to keep the randomizer mechanic from screwing the game up too much, you have this game Anyone who was starting in on Thunderstone should play this game, and jaded TS vets like myself will appreciate how they addressed the flaws. Added bonus, you can still use any expansion cards from previous games that you want in the advanced version.

-Carnival: This game operates on a dice roll and card mechanic. Pretty simple (instructions are a page) to learn. Quick games and works well 2 player which is always a plus.

As an aside, to all up and coming game developers, I expect this year's big craze will be dice based games. It is already starting (Kingsburg and Alien Frontiers are enjoying a resurgence in popularity as far as I have seen) and I expect it will only increase. I will know for sure when I go to Origins though.

OxBlood Apr 16th, 2012 06:48 PM

Lords of Waterdeep is about as simple and basic as Workerplacement gets, its great for beginners in my opinion. Simple in a good way. Place dudes, get ressources, spend them for points, done.

Puzzle Strike is on its way here, I kinda went a little crazy and bought the whole Sirlin-Package for...well, a lot of Dollars. You simply cant get any of that over here any other way.

Concerning dice games, I think my favorite is still the Godfather game. Dont know if you can get it in the states, it's being published by Kosmos over here. Great Dice-Placement game with a bit of backstabbing too. It's rather quick and a lot of fun :)

Pentegarn May 3rd, 2012 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by OxBlood (Post 757586)
Puzzle Strike is on its way here, I kinda went a little crazy and bought the whole Sirlin-Package for...well, a lot of Dollars. You simply cant get any of that over here any other way.

Wish I could have stopped you, there's a newer edition, with the works like screens and game pads on their kickstarter page coming out, and as far as I can tell they will ship it anywhere for a 55 us dollar donation (plus shipping costs)

Tried out a game called Primordial Soup, it is a race for survival game where your amoeba have to out evolve everyone else's amoeba while taking care to not evolve beyond the current climate, also you eat other amoeba's poop (while playing it all the other CABS passers by kept mentioning that particular game mechanic)

Also tried out Galaxy Trucker. I absolutely sucked at it, in fact I may have broken the record for suck on it by ending the game with a mere 1 credit to my name. Still, trying to build a ship quickly is a blast and watching as your ramshackle creation falls apart in the remorseless emptiness of space is kind of funny to see.

Finally got around to opening and playing Lord of the Rings The Card Game. It could use more scenarios, but was a solid co-op card game once you learn the somewhat cumbersome rules

OxBlood May 8th, 2012 07:54 PM

Ah well, too late and I wouldn´t have listened anyway :) I actually ordered all three Sirlin games btw, so I got Puzzle Strike, the complete Edition of Yomi and Flash Duel :)

The package got stuck in customs of course and I had to pay an additional 30 bucks for taxes since there was no invoice attached to the package...ah well, who cares, 240 bucks or 270 bucks, it´s way too much one way or the other.

Oh and they actually included the Upgrade Kit for Puzzle Strike. Screens, Promos, Playing Mats, it´s all there except for the additional 10 Characters from the addon but I don´t really mind, to me, the main game is Yomi anyway. Flash Duel is nice too though, even though it´s basically a carbon copy of En Guarde with some nice additions but Sirlin says so explicitly too so who cares.

I really like the way, Sirlin designs his games and the thought that goes into them making them extremely simple but challenging at the same time :)

OxBlood May 23rd, 2012 04:22 AM

Mageknight, FINALLY! First edition in german. I´m pretty impressed how simple they kept the inside of the box. Most things fit back in perfectly and there is NO punching out stuff whatsoever, just unwrap a few components and you´re ready to play...if you know how to play this thing. Mageknight is definetely no simple or short game, but just by browsing over the rules, I get the feeling we have something really great here...

OxBlood Jun 19th, 2012 04:31 AM

Played some new stuff this weekend. Believe it or not, this was the first time we ever played Munchkin. Problem is when you have one or two people in your group that for the love of a deity of your choice can´t wrap their head around rules.

Tell me, what´s so complicated about this:

Two decks of cards. On your turn you draw from deck A. If it´s a monster, deal with it. If you beat it, draw from deck B. If it´s not a monster, play one from your hand or draw from deck A and be done with it.

It´s really not rocket-science. Anyway, that went rather well after a while, then we switched to Jungle Speed. Now, there´s NO excuse if you don´t understand THAT game, unless you´re a very small monkey maybe. Lots of simple stupid fun, though I suck at these games because of the way my brain seems to work.

Finally we broke out the new Wiz-War. I was really looking forward to it and I had an absolute blast playing, even though I died first. Sadly, the remaining two people thought it was too random (which is the point) buuut...I´ll get them to like it sooner or later :D

k0k0 Aug 18th, 2012 03:44 PM

I just got into board games while I was with my ex fiance. My favorites so far are Smallworld and King of Tokyo.

Dimnos Aug 24th, 2012 06:50 PM

Man, I have been shilling out a lot of cash to Fantasy Flight here recently. :\

I picked up Mansions of Madness about a year ago but only recently got to really play it. Damn that game is fun. As the keeper (read game master) you just get to murder the investigators, especially if they all split up and do their own thing, its almost unfair. Its basically Arkham Horror just done up a different way to be a bit more RPG like and someone gets to be the monsters.

On top of that I also recently picked up Rex and the new 2nd edition Descent.

Descent is basically Mansions but D&D style in place of Cathulu and has more focus on combat and killing monsters than progressing a story. Its supposed to also have campaign rules and character progression. Havent actually played it yet because we have been to busy with Rex and its political backstabbing.

Dr. Boogie Dec 5th, 2012 11:56 PM

I picked up Lords of Waterdeep a couple months back. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to play it with anyone nearby because it was D&D, but thankfully I can just explain the works as purples, oranges, blacks, and whites. Also, my brother doesn't want to play it anymore because I always wind up overtaking him in the final points tally.

Picked up King of Tokyo over Thanksgiving and played the shit out of it with my sister and some friend of hers. It's a nice mix of strategy and luck, so no one really feels left out when they play it. That was my least favorite part of Settlers of Catan: getting stuck in a rut where your numbers never came up, so you couldn't do a damn thing. Also, the games are short, which means plenty of time to try again if you fail.

I've had my eye on Fortress America. It looks like an interesting one, and so many of the boardgames I play wind up being 1 vs all anyway. Anyway tried it, or something like it?

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