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MockBot Sep 16th, 2013 01:28 PM

Beetlejuice: The NES Game!
Automatically generated comment thread for Beetlejuice: The NES Game!.

WhiteRoseBrian Sep 16th, 2013 02:03 PM

I rented this game once. I didn't much care for it.

Alan Bates Sep 16th, 2013 02:52 PM

"Still, if NECA winds up making an action figure out of this ugly, beige Beetlejuice like they did with Freddy and Jason, I'll consider that a point in the game's favor."

After a quick few minutes in photoshop...

Mockery Sep 17th, 2013 03:16 AM

Alan - Haha yes! Though I think in the game, his hair is yellow as well. It'd be one weird looking figure, but if they made it, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Alan Bates Sep 17th, 2013 01:26 PM

I was going by the closeup sprite for the hair, but I suppose useing more beige would work better there.

Sean Joseph Sep 17th, 2013 07:50 PM

Beetlejuice: The NES Game!
I rented this game once, too. Back in August of 1990, if memory serves correct. I didn't care for it either and never went back to it. Thought it was too difficult. I remember the sandworms being particularly challenging. Anyone else have trouble playing it or perhaps had an easy time with it?

monster_movie_night Sep 26th, 2013 03:56 PM

Sean i also had rented this game and had a problem with the first or second level with the one that shows nothing but a cliff seriously i wonder what the fuck are you suppose to do in that level.

Sean Joseph Sep 27th, 2013 03:09 AM

Beetlejuice: The NES Game!
Beetlejuice is pretty straightfoward. In the first two levels, you just move Beetlejuice from one end of the stage to the other and that's it. Besides that, you just stomp on alot of beetles so you can stock up on things from the store. The game really gets hard at Level 3. Once you hit Level 3, it's hard to avoid taking hits, you have to start navigating mazes AND you have to start fighting those darned sandworms. I never could beat those things. Maybe I
could on an emulator. I don't know. But as for the stage with nothing but a cliff, I think you're talking about the start of Stage 1. You start by going right, grabbing the key, then you head back left into the house. Watch out inside the house. Practically everything is an obstacle there.

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