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Sethomas Nov 6th, 2006 08:41 PM

Tony Blair: Un-castrating himself before leaving?
From http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portada

Inglaterra: El primer ministro, Tony Blair, afirma «Estoy contra la pena de muerte, sea la de Saddam o de cualquier otro».

"England: The Prime Minister, Tony Blair, affirmed "I am against the death penalty, whether that of Saddam or anyone else." (my translation)

Yeah, as an amateur polyglot I like to see what American audiences in Wikinews ignore by reading the foreign editions. I thought it was nice that Mr Blair is trying to save face again, but I think the damage to his otherwise sparkling reputation has been done.

Curiously, other big events I've read in foreign editions is that the Iraqi Muslim officials had something of an ecumenical council in Mecca, and I never saw that make headlines outside of the French wiki. From what I gathered, it seemed like a big deal. Anyone know anything else on it? I can't even find it on that page anymore.

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