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MockBot Sep 23rd, 2013 03:03 PM

Pocket Power: Glo-Bones! The World's Greatest Portable Skeleton Toy!
Automatically generated comment thread for Pocket Power: Glo-Bones! The World's Greatest Portable Skeleton Toy!.

BatmanJohnson Sep 23rd, 2013 10:25 PM

Wow, this is really cool. They need to start making these again.

That Other Guy Sep 23rd, 2013 11:31 PM

Glo-Bones is fantastic as are the rest of the Pocket Power line. It's hard to believe that this level of quality and attention to detail was put into such a small (inexpensive) toy 25 years ago. No wonder this mighty undead warrior is auctioning for 80 bucks!

dextire Sep 25th, 2013 08:01 PM

The Glo-Bones are so rare and expensive I never thought I'd see a proper review of them. I've seen them sell at $140.00. Nice work!

Mister Tea Sep 25th, 2013 09:32 PM

I buried mine in the sand when I was a [stupid] kid and never was able dig his bony ass back up again. 20 years later, I got a break on almost the entire Series 1 line from a chap on eBay for $100. So I got him back, along with the boat, the chopper and both of the tiny little airsoft guns.

Welcome home, Glo-Bones; I promise I'll never bury you again.

monster_movie_night Sep 26th, 2013 04:29 PM

I'm not sure why they have a website when they no longer make them.

That Other Guy Sep 26th, 2013 11:16 PM

It's a fansite documenting the awesomeness of Pocket Power toys, Mr. Troll. It isn't done by Tyco or Sega.

sewnupsmile Oct 2nd, 2013 02:06 PM

Awesome toy...I'm sad I missed out on this one...I think one of the other forgotten relics of the compact toy style were the Mighty Max play sets, ever think of doing a review on those -RoG- ?

Mockery Oct 2nd, 2013 06:41 PM

That Other Guy & dextire - Glo-Bones always seems to go for a lot these days, but every now and then you can find a decent deal on one. None of the other toys from the line ever seem to sell for that much, but I guess it's because he was always the most popular one and the only action figure.

sewnupsmile - Yeah, I love Mighty Max toys, so I'm sure I'll get around to covering them at some point. It's such a huge toyline, it'd be hard to pick just one playset, so maybe I'll cover several of my favorites.

sewnupsmile Oct 3rd, 2013 02:58 PM

Nice -RoG- you are the man!!

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