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Rufus the Perturbed Mar 27th, 2010 02:12 AM

Proto, I've gotta say I'm a little disappointed, but only because you called the Rock a talented actor. I'll agree that he's improved a bit since The Scorpion King, but that's not saying much. Other than that, it's a good list, although I think Michael Bay was a better villian (since he wasn't acting; he really is EVIL). I do agree with you about Moon, though, it was pretty damn good.

Oh, yeah, and testtube? Did you notice how I gave my opinion without throwing out any personal insults? You should try that sometime. Oh, and you're an asshole. Yay, hypocrisy!!!

mrpointy22 Mar 27th, 2010 10:50 AM

In Protoclown's defence, the Rock actually is a good actor.

Terrible-D Apr 16th, 2010 05:17 AM

I just saw Moon, and I wanted to say thanks for the heads up. I don't know how I missed any mention of this movie before I read your article, but well worth the 90 min. run time.

bluegrasslass Jun 17th, 2010 10:00 AM

I have to point out that the cinema release of Paranormal Activity was fucked about with by once-talented-but-now-pathetic Stephen Spielberg; it was HE who put the crappy ending on. I have the DVD and you get both versions of the film; I watched the original (billed as "alternative" version, and the end makes much more sense, is much scarier and reveals the 'foreshadowing' at the beginning of the film.
Spielberg and Lucas and all those other talentless millionaires should just leave well alone the fucktards!

Protoclown Jun 20th, 2010 11:23 AM

That doesn't surprise me at all to hear that the horrible ending was Spielberg's fault. I wrote a review of the film shortly after watching it (I'm saving it until the Halloween season to post here), and if memory serves I think I may have theorized that the theater ending was a Spielberg idea.

shekk Oct 18th, 2010 10:00 PM

moon > parnassus? yeh right

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