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MockBot Oct 8th, 2012 03:53 AM

The Greatest Horror Movie Moments - Deadly Friend
Automatically generated comment thread for The Greatest Horror Movie Moments - Deadly Friend.

Kenji Oct 8th, 2012 07:24 AM

If I woke up after a nearly fatal accident one day and found myself in possession of super-strength and inhabiting a pixelated world I would do nothing but jump around onto people's heads, thrashing flower stalls to get power-ups.

darkvare Oct 8th, 2012 11:55 AM

geez i remember watching this movie when i was younger but never rewatched it i still remember the kids saying bb would take hours to open the lock only to see he does it in seconds

ForgottenInvader Oct 8th, 2012 03:34 PM

I remember recording this movie off HBO late at night to watch as a kid and was sorry to see the cool robot trashed. Haven't see this on cable in ages. One of these channels needs a double feature of this and Chopping Mall during October.

dextire Oct 8th, 2012 11:08 PM

This and Nightmare Cafe are the two Wes Craven offerings that never come up unless I bring them up. No idea why, it's a great little movie.

sewnupsmile Oct 9th, 2012 02:46 PM

A surefire diamond in the rough, much like Street Trash. I remember seeing this movie, and before that, the cover box, where you could see the metal under Kristy Swanson's hand..so creepy!

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