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Mike Tobacco Dec 2nd, 2012 06:26 AM

NCAA Men's Basketball '12-'13
The Rick Majerus Memorial NCAA Men's Basketball 2012-2013 Thread

The season is already a month in and probably still a few weeks away from garnering any real attention. Be that as it may, the young season has already provided some memorable moments like UNC getting routed by Indiana, and Georgetown and Tennessee playing a 37-36 ESPN Instant Classic.

The #1 ranked Hoosiers have yet to get to the varsity portion of their schedule and have crushed everyone, save for that very same G-Town team. Go figure. John Calipari and his one-and-done squad are a surprising 4-3 and are looking to drop significantly in the AP Top 25 after being ranked #4 preseason. Duke is Duke. The usual suspects (OSU, Louisville, Syracuse) are all up there and looking good. Fun times ahead.

T-minus 4 months to March.

Mike Tobacco Dec 4th, 2012 12:43 AM

I knew Kentucky would fall in a big way in the AP poll, but I didn't expect them to fall out of it completely. :lol Things keep up this way and some of these kids might have to stick around for a sophomore season to increase their draft stock.

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