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Old Feb 26th, 2003, 10:45 PM        Important notice to people with HOTMAIL/YAHOO ACCOUNTS
If you are trying to register on this board and you have a hotmail account, please know this: HOTMAIL SUCKS. When you register for this board, your registration confirmation is sent to your email account, and without that code, your account cannot be activated. That being said, I constantly have registration confirmations sent back to be because hotmail was down at the time they were sent.

So, my suggestion to any of you who are considering registering on this board, is to NOT use a hotmail account for your contact email address. If you do use hotmail, understand that your confirmation email might never get through to you and you won't be able to login to the board with your new account.

Again, to sum things up: HOTMAIL SUCKS.

edit: I've also been noticing a few accounts signed up with Yahoo email have been failing as well, so it looks like Yahoo's email service is just as dandy as hotmail.

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