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Old Dec 4th, 2005, 08:20 PM        FORUM EVENT: I-Mockery's "Secret Santa" Gift Swap!
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We're holding I-Mockery's first-ever "Secret Santa" Gift Swap forum event this month and we'd like everybody to participate. Want to sign up and join in the fun?

The rules are really quite simple:

1) You sign up for the event by sending a private message on the board to this account. The private message must include your full name and mailing address. (sign-up deadline is December 9th, 2005). One sign-up per person please. The names of all participants will be posted in this thread.

2) You agree to buy a random, humorous gift that costs no more than $10.00. (we want everybody to be able to participate and not everybody has a lot of cash, so $10 is the most you should spend).

3) We will assign you a person to buy a gift for. Once you have been assigned a person to send a gift to, please mail it out as soon as possible. Do NOT tell anybody what you have bought... the surprise is part of the fun.

4) Another person will be assigned to send you a gift.

5) Once a person receives his/her gift, they are required to post at least one picture of themselves with their gift. And no, do not just post a picture of yourself holding up the gift. Have at least one picture of you using the gift. (example: if they buy you a shirt, post a photo of yourself wearing the shirt.)

6) All gifts must be sent out no later than December 19th 2005 (Monday). The earlier you send out your gifts, the better.

7) Any participant in the Secret Santa gift swap that does not send out a gift after agreeing to do so, will be banned from the forums. Remember, everybody is taking the time to send out a gift, and by not doing your part, that would leave somebody empty-handed. Any participant in the Secret Santa gift swap that does not post photos of the gift they received after agreeing to do so, will be banned from the forums as well.

And that's all there is to it! We hope all of you will join in the fun and participate. God only knows what kind of crazy shit you'll send to each other in the mail. 5-10 bux can go a long way if you put your mind to it.

If you have any questions, please post them in this thread. And YES, this event is open to people outside the United States.