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Commentary: This is like an onion, layered as it is with additional meanings. Japan is known by many as the land of the wacky, and this card taps into that by refering to the country and its popular art, the anime. Deploying several anime tropes to create a subtle texture of wackiness, this card depicts Otto, an ankylosaur who is both a kung-fu master and a virgin, suddenly overcome with the urge to tentacle-rape a screaming woman-beast. Meanwhile, the spaceship blasts through the fabric of timespace to unleash robot bears, dedicated to stopping ankylosaur-induced tentacle-rapes. (Fun Fact: 100% of all the world's tentacle rapes occur in Japan.) One bear is dressed as batman, which is an allusion to the development of American proto-wackiness. This fusion of east and west, future (robots) and past (dinosaurs) draws in the dialectic doctrine of Hegel, and thus links all to the thematic exploration into the nature of wackiness itself.