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It works well, but I didn't get to test it for but an hour because I let my friend borrow it for his Wii. He still hasn't gotten back to me on that though.

It's pretty much a normal router, except it sends out two ports, one that's free for other people to use, (hence it being free), and one private one. With the included software, one can set a cap on the bandwith the free port gets so that some idiot driving by your house won't be able to download the entire Battlestar Gallactica series and you get overcharged.

When I get it back - in the next few days, I'd imagine - I'll test the signal strength from different distances and give y'all a few screenshots of the software setup.

PS: The stickers are boss.

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I think they give you a tracking number and such when you order it.

Go down to, "I ordered my router time ago and I haven't received anything."

They'll ask you to email them with the tracking number and blah blah blah.

They shipped mine via Fedex and left it on my doorstep. It came a week after I ordered it, but they said it could take up to three.
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Oh god fathom zero, you are revealing yourself to be completely awful
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