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Beware the terrible, colitis-inducing horror that is....


once a lowly generic store-brand high absorption nappy, after his ultimate use by a baby with an unhealthy penchant for eating haggis and drinking Toilet Duck, he was cast away to the place where all old nappies go, the local cemetery.
Lucky for him, it was a full moon or something on that fateful night when he was also stuck by lightning conjured up by the mad zombie-voodoo priest, Wally Walbreham. Latching his sticky, sticky re-adhesive pads to his stylish 70s sideburns, the pair of them became the terrifying shitfaced (literally) antithesis to everything that is good and pure in this world, Nappy-Nose.

Pleased with his new being, Nappy-Nose posed in front of his dress mirror whilst he pondered his next move, how he would raise an army of fellow discarded nappies.

Whilst the pondering was ensuing, the one who put him in his place the first time around came to clean up the mess that had been created.

The outcome was inevitable. No evil supernappy would stand a chance against the sheer powerhouse that is a toddler with a remote control.
The fight raged for days before Nappy-Nose was put down for good, cast into the very heart of an exploding volcano.
He is gone now, along with the knowledge of how he was created...

...or IS he???