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Originally Posted by Sethomas View Post

HOWEVER: can we seriously strive for separating exchanges between the old regime and the neophytes? I mean, last year I had to SEND a gift to a kid who came from nowhere (I'm not saying he isn't a swell guy) and RECEIVED a gift from someone new as well (who had already accrued a merited reputation for lameness, incidentally). I know this might sound like the kind of elitism that we're striving to do away with, but seriously I think there's much more potential greatness if we distinguish between the classic vanguard and the incoming horde.

Oh yeah, and age should be listed too. I kinda sent a cigar last year with hopes of seeing pics of it being smoked, and he ended up being like 14. Oops!
Ok you're signed up. I'll generally try to pair up new users with other new users, but again, if there's an odd number, some new users will obviously get paired up with older users. It's all for the fun of it, so just make the best out of it with whomever you get paired up. And I doubt we'll be listing ages for this thing...

Originally Posted by Uncle_Sham View Post
Im up for it. i guess i need a pic.
Yes indeedy.

Originally Posted by Misdemonar View Post
I will do this,
Ok you're signed up.

Originally Posted by zeldasbiggestfan View Post
Ill do it this year spending a minimum of fifteen dollars and will send the reciept if necessary. I'm not screwing you all like last year, which was a majorly retarded move. And, I could, I would go back in time and kick my own long haired, stupid ass.
As stated last year, you're not eligible to participate this time. You're simply too much of a risk after what you pulled last year and we don't want any of the other participants getting screwed over.

Originally Posted by MarioRPG View Post
I'm signing up! Hopefully I'll get to ship on the same continent this time.
Ok you're signed up.

Originally Posted by Angryhydralisk View Post
I'd like to participate. Giving is always a pleasant thing. But I do need to think on the fly when it comes to getting pics up (as I have no scanner or digital camera.). I'll figure something out.
Ok you're signed up. As for the no digital camera thing, again, you can buy a disposable digital camera just about anywhere and most photo places will put all the images on a CD for you so you can import them onto your computer back at home.
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