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Originally Posted by Uncle_Sham View Post

can somebody make this bigger?
You need to handle that yourself. You can't scale up a tiny pic like that and expect it to be readable. That looks more like a thumbnail than a normal size photo. You sure you have the right URL?

Originally Posted by zeldasbiggestfan View Post
It'd be nice if they gave me another shot but rules is rules.
You'll have another shot next year, unless we somehow end up with an odd number of people overall this year, then you might have a chance of getting in.

Originally Posted by Emu View Post
Uh, he did it twice last year, if I recall.
Yes he did, and he was lucky not to be permanently banned at the time. Not only that, but he also acted very ungrateful for some very cool gifts that were sent to him. Wasn't exactly a shining example of "the holiday spirit" if you know what I mean... :o
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