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FPS RPGs in general have never done anything for me. They're all decent games marred by shitty interfaces that add nothing to the overall experience and just make it incredibly boring. I did start playing Thief again, which is an innovative first person game done right to the million billionth degree. If Deus Ex's sneaking mechanic were slightly faster, I could just play it like I play Thief, but since you move at .0000000000000000006 miles per hour when holding down the shift key creeping up on people and disposing of them stealthily is impossible. And since that's what the game seems to want me to do because of the way it rapes me to little tiny pieces every time I try isolating guards and just shooting them, that is unacceptable.

Also, I had no problem connecting to the network and setting up a game and chatting with the other guy, but he couldn't figure out how to join my game and if there is an invite feature I didn't know where it was. Which is weird, because I remember Infinity being way easy to use online. He could have just been an idiot, I don't know.
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