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Code-Wheel Jones, haha gotta love those lyrics. Say, didn't you meet Les Claypool a while back and post some photos of yourself with him on the forums?

, you're not alone at all! Sailing the Seas of Cheese comes in a close 2nd for me, but Frizzle Fry is easily the one with the most replay value as far as I'm concerned.

shakaconner, I love Pork Soda. "You're the guy from the hamburger train, right?" Lotta good tunes on there. Only problem is, I've never been able to relisten to that album on a regular basis like I can with Frizzle Fry. Not sure why that is, I think the songs are a bit more repetitive on that album. "My Name Is Mud" and "Mr. Krinkle" are fun tunes, but they're definitely more on the repetitive side when it comes to Primus tunes.
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