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I love these: groundhog's day, Mr.knowitall, Pudding time, Harold of the rocks, Jerry was a race car driver, Tommy the cat, Fish on, Professor Nutbutter's house of treats, Wynona's big brown beaver, Southbound pachyderm, My name is Mud, Mr.Krinkle, Welcome to this world, Hamburger train, The heckler, Golden boy, Bob's party time lounge, Shake hands with beef, Resting bones, Kalamazoo, Natural Joe, Laquerhead, Antipop, Greet the sacred cow, Mama didn't raise no fool, Ballad of Bodacious, Power mad, The final voyage of the liquid sky, The Last Superpower AKA Raspscallion. Hooboyy, long list.

Okay, for Primus fans, you should also try these bands: The Frog Brigade, Oysterhead, C2B3 and Les Claypool's solo album Of whales and woe
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