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I'm a loose Spider-Man fan, hardly ever picked up a book, I'm mostly bred on the cartoon form the 90s...

And even I feel like I was just kicked in the nuts. I keep toying with getting into comics, I really do. I read parts of the storylines and such on the Internet every so often. I loved all the cartoon versions in the 90s. I loved the Sin City books after the movie spurred me into checking them out I even have nice little local comic book shops to get them from now. But all I see is a wasteland before me.

I'm not spending my money on this medium until people I trust prove to me it's worth it. I heard about this before I ever read the this article, and I tell ya: things like this are holding me back. Do you hear me Quesada? You are pushing new readers away. You are pushing new readers away. I have cash money you'll never get because of your batshit crazy vision. I bet I'm not the only one.
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