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I haven't read a Spider-Man comic in years, but have kept myself informed of some of the major events, such as the unmasking and May getting shot, but I had no idea what "One More Day" actually was, nor did I care that much. A friend addressed some issues he had with the arc, and how ridiculous it seemed, especially Mephisto demanding their marriage instead of, oh I don't know, their immortal souls?

Then, I read the column and chuckled because I always thought said friend was overreacting and it could not be that horrible. I realized that by making it into I-Mockery, he had been right all along. I mentioned you guys to him and he was glad he wasn't the only one that thought "One More Day" was utter shit.

Oh, I also read it a bit later and re-reconfirmed it: it really is shit. I always felt a little bit of remorse for abandoning Spidey, but after this, all was washed away on Quesada's wave of mutilation.

And hi, first poster, but long-time fan of this place.
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