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Originally Posted by D-MoN View Post
A hat trick is when the same player scores three goals in one game.
Pssst! I think that was a joke!

And Max, I have to respectfully disagree. I think this is easily the best crossover or "event" the X-Men have had since "Age of Apocalypse" (though I realize that's not saying much) and I'll tell you why.

Yes, the baby football aspect is annoying, but I'm glad it looks like they're at least taking steps to move away from the "Decimation" clusterfuck resulting from "House of M". 198 mutants my ass. I bought the stupid "file book" that listed every single one of the 198, and it didn't seem that a week went by that some other oldschool mutant not listed in that book was discovered to still have powers whenever some writer suddenly decided they wanted to use that character. I understand the desire to clean house and get rid of some of the dumber mutants out there (so why'd they keep "Elephant Guy"? Why??), but they were retarded to paint themselves in a corner by assigning an exact number. Either that, or there was some other retarded explanation like how Iceman had a "mental block" on his powers and didn't really lose them at all or whatever. If they were going to stick a precise number on it, they damn sure had better stick with it. Otherwise, don't even go there.

But the one thing I have to praise the HELL out of is that this is one of the most organic, most naturally flowing crossovers I have
ever read. The X-Men editorial staff got it right, and everyone else in comics should take heed, because this is how it's done. Unlike some other crossovers I've read, every writer involved is clearly on board with this idea and wants to contribute to this story, and that makes all the difference. And they put enough thought into how the story was constructed that each individual team manages to be the focus of their own book without completely ignoring the rest of the story and sending it off the rails. In this way, fans of, say, X-Factor who don't care about the other books at least don't feel alienated so much, because they can still read about the characters they're interested in even if they won't understand the whole story.

Also, I normally hate Mr. Sinister, but he's not coming across as quite the wanker he usually does in this. I like that his direct involvement in the plot has been minimal, and it's kind of nice to see the Marauders back in action. I also thought the Cable and Bishop reveals were well done, but things can get tricky when you're dealing with two guys from alternate futures who each supposedly know how things will turn out. Overall I think it's a tremendous step forward in making the X-Men outside of Joss Whedon's hands interesting again.

I'll reserve my final judgment until the crossover is complete and see how things pay off, but based on what I've read so far (I'm about to dig into chapter 11 now), I'd give it the event-to-date 3.5 out of 5 pickles myself.

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