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Originally Posted by mburbank View Post
I just read chapter 11, and the main thing I learned was that the artist enjoys drawing professor X as Patrick Stewart. I'll agree that the writers at least seem involved, as oppossed to being dragged along kicking and screaming, but to me there's WAY to much noise here for anything interesting to happen. All of issue eleven is spent on X asking cable ""What the fuck is up with you?" and Cable goes "I don't have time to tell you, you just have to trust me!". It's like dialogue from Dark Shadows. They had a whole book for Cable to tell what was up with him and he spent it saying ""Can't you see I don't have time to respond?!"
Dark Shadows? No. It's more of the Return of the Way Comics Were Written in 1992. The only thing that was missing was GW Bridge saying that Cable 'HAS TO BE TAKEN DOWN!!!"

It's Liefeldese, if anything.
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