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Hugo: the Amalgam comics are definitely on my "to do" list sometime this year. I bought them off eBay a year or two ago for the express purpose of doing a Longbox column on. (Why oh why didn't I just bittorrent them?)

And to you and Pentegarn, I will say this: Yes, there are LOTS of shitty comics out there, but like ANY other entertainment medium, it's probably 90% shit and 10% really fantastic stuff. So by cutting comics out altogether, you're missing out on some great stories. I know that I will be spotlighting a lot of my favorite series in this Weeklies section so that people who have been a bit uncertain about comics will be able to find out what the good stuff is without wading through all the crap. But I honestly do love the comic industry, even on it's worst days, so in a weird sort of way I enjoy wading through all the crap to find those rare gems.

Oh, and Max: After reading Chapter 11, I agree that it was STUPID that Cable didn't have "time" to talk while he and Captain Picard were stuck on a plane together. Honestly though, I think Peter David is the weak link in this story of all four writing teams. I've never seen what the big deal is about David; the only work of his I've really enjoyed is "Fallen Angel".
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