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The first X-Men movie is a very very horrible example to use for cheracterization, especially when one bitches about cheracter discrepancies between the original source material and what we all saw on the big screen. Magneto wanting to turn everyone into mutants? Exploiting Rogue to do it? Sabretooth, one of the greatest villians in X-Men history resorted to a growling ape. Storm did nothing but stare pensively at everything like she was sucking on a sour kid way waaay too long. Yeah, THAT was a horrid movie.

Transformers? Not so bad. I grew up with the toys and the cartoons and enjoyed the movie. Lots of people complained about the cheracter designs but when we look at the old steel mullet on Megatron's head and the new, more demonic appearance he has it was an all to welcome change. Transformers in general was such a rediculous premise that it was nice to see it given somewhat of a realistic treatment. Namely because I'm not eight anymore and in order for me to be involved with what's on screen I have to be able to relate.

This movie was great. Make no mistake, it is by no means a masterpiece but it does do what it promises to do, that is be loud, explosive, flashy and entertaining. The fights thought chaotic and outright distracting at times is also understandable because the whole thing is told from a human point of view because essentially the movie is about a group of humans and the race as a whole trapped in an extra ordinary circumstance.

The common critisism most nerds have had reguarding the movie is the lack of the Transformers in it. Call me a straight male here but the movie has Megan Fucking Fox in it. This woman is possibly the finest looking lady to hit the screen in a long ass time. They coulda called that movie Transformers and the only nod to the original would have been Optimus flipping off the audience. If it was Megan running around in a bikini I wouldn't notice, nor care. If the movie's got someone as sexy as that in a belly shirt and mini skirt and you're complaining there's not enough giant robots in it? You're taking your hobby entirely too seriously.

Good movie, I had a blast but that's probably because I don't take it or myself too seriously.
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