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Originally Posted by Pentegarn View Post
I suggest a different view of this. In an earlier shot, you see the other nine monkeys having fun, but you don't see Orville. I think Orville resented the fact that he was good enough to be their mule, but not good enough to frolic with the nine monkeys in that shot. So when they all ended up in traction, he ate their lunch in an act of revenge. :P
Fuck that. What really happened at the very beginning of the film is Orville sped on ahead to the park to eat their lunches when the monkeys weren't looking, this caused all of the monkeys to worry regarding the whereabouts of both Orville and their lunches. As a result, their minds being so distracted with worriment, each monkey didn't pay enough attention to the road and got picked off one by one.

You know you're distracted when you let a steamroller crush you.
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