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Originally Posted by Article above me
I think they're missing one big point here though... Orville is going to get fat now, right? Won't that cause him to crush his own bike with his whale-like weight just like Slim supposedly did?

"Slim" Jim Beam over there had the nickname slim for a reason. He was the previous year's take on that video's franchise. Then he ated all the lunches for himself, got fat, back on the mayo, then wrecked his car so he was bummin' rides one day down in the valley when his old buddy Fshlorgel Fshlooplalopnik offers him a ride. Then him and OJ simpson walked in, slit the lizard's throat, and jesus I am out of madness.

On a related note, I think the purpose of the masks were to show the kiddies of that day and age horribly disfigured people without *really* freakin out the snowflakes. Those are crudely misshapen, they remind me of the masks the kids wear in Pink Floyd "The Wall" Just frighteningly distiurbing.

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