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my brother and i pooled our money following christmas and bought this game shortly after it came out, it was the last one at toysrus. we felt very fortunate :o turtles fans were we, and it was unusual for us to get a game near its release cuz our rents hated how we screamed at the tv and said we had to buy games ourselves and shoulder the blame for our own unhappiness. anywayz

it wasnt til years later that i heard about how this game is almost universally hated, but i didnt understand why. i mean, battletoads, ninja gaiden, countless others enjoyed popularity despite their painful difficulty. this was a game with good controls, good sounds, great music, and far from impossible. though you definitely had to work for it.

the arcade game was massively popular, and thats the game people wanted to come home, not some platformer however solid it was. but still, i liked this game. when i wasn't screaming at it.

the bomb defusing part wasn't that hard though sorry :<
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