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Glad some of you remember this flick... it's truly one of the unsung gems of 1993 in my opinion. And yeah, I just love how unrelenting Leary's character is when it comes to killing all four of those guys. I also loved the scene where he drowns one of his own guys, "You know what I hate? I hate whiners you know? I hate people who just complain, complain, complain! I know a guy in the joint once one time, cell next to me you know he'd just. He'd just used to yap about everything, he used to yap about the food and yap about the guards, and yap about this and yap about that and yap, yap, yap all night long! Fucking yap, yap, yap... like a fucking 747 you know what I mean? Like an engine stuck right between your fucking ears and you can't get rid of it because he's right next to you! Know what I mean?"

That some yappity fucking yap yap classic stuff right there.
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