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You suggest that the disturbingly brutal portions are necessary to remind us that things this brutal happen in real life...

So, if with this line of reasoning you are not suggesting that it should call us to action (of any degree) against brutality, then by what reason should we be reminded that terrible things happen around the world?

Honestly Protoclown, this line is the only thing I have a problem with in the whole review. I think you did an excellent job of describing Rambo as an ejoyable shoot 'em up action flick. However, the producers of Rambo know just as well as you and I that what they are putting out there is a cathartic "bad guys get what they deserve" romp and the gore is a result from the assumed demand for it by the target demographic. Saying that the disturbing violence is necessary to remind that target demographic that it is a real issue around the world is like saying that the useless scene in Transformers that featured an Escalade, an Xbox, and a Mountain Dew machine that came to life was necessary to remind us that the movie is about robots and not a tacked-on bullshit product placement.
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