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I have a Miniature Dachshund (or however you spell that) and she's really cool, just a puppy. My Mom, however, has a Pomeranian. Now his birth certificate says that he was breed in Siberia, but I assure you this little cretin was spawned in the deepest, darkest pits of hell. If I leave my room and keep the door open, he walks in and leaves a nice steaming shit on the rug, EVERY TIME. Sometimes he likes to walk in when I'm playing video games and start barking to distract me.

The worst thing is, my Mother thinks he's the most innocent, adorable creature to ever grace the world with his presence. He puts on his "Nice" act around her... In other words, say she's around, he acts all cute... But the moment she turns her head, he gives me the look that says, "Heh, see? She likes me better than you. I'm cuter than you." And whenever I'm trying to sleep, he starts barking. Every goddamn ******* time. But since my Mom loves him, when I say, "SHUT THAT DOG UP!" She replies with, "Oh, he's just excited!" ..Excited that he has another opportunity to ruin my day, most likely...
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