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I'm going to stop reading comics as soon as Secret Invasion starts because I know that there won't be one damn Marvel comic that doesn't go like this:
Hero 1: Are you a Skrull?
Hero 2: No.
Hero 1: Are you sure?
Hero 2: Uh....yeah. Wait! No. Yeah. I'm fine.
Hero 1: Positive?
Hero 2: Yep!
Hero 1: Okay. Good.
Hero 2: Haha! Fooled you!
Hero 1: Damn! We have to fight now maybe. Wait. What were we talking about before?
Hero 2: Something actually good but looks like this took up 3/4 of the book.
Hero 1: Yeah. That's right. I can't believe these chumps are still spending all their money on these.
Hero 2: Yeah. You think they'd learn after World War Hulk. Guess not.
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