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Proto; Who the HELL is writing spiderman? That narration bubble is WAY conrnier than anything Stan Lee EVER did when I was a kid, and he made up that style of banter to differentiate his writing from other comic books. It talks down, it's a stale oldster trying to be 'fun-KAY' for the kids. SHAMEFUL! Evil plan? Accidental camp, just embarassing, like watching your perverted uncle dance at Baht Mitzvah.

Caps Costume: We agree, way bad, but much as I like Alex Ross, look back at his body of work and you'll see, design is far and away his weakest link. Look for instance at the third cover in Justice with all the whacked out robo JLAers. Kingdom Come was so cool one didn't think about the costume design, but grab a random volume, flip it open and look at some of the designs out of context. VERY unfortunate. Great illustrator, terrible designer.
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