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Thanks for the comments everyone! For those of you who said that this is why you haven't seen a movie in the theater in X amount of time, there are a lot of really great movies still being made and you're really missing out by not experiencing them on the big screen. But maybe I'm old fashioned in thinking that's the most proper way to enjoy a movie...

Purple Man: Watchmen isn't until spring of next year, actually. They just finished filming it a couple weeks ago. God, what a piece of shit that movie is going to be. Not sure about Magneto and Avengers, but I'd be surprised if they come out as early as this year. I am very glad to hear about Hostel 2 though. Now that you've told me, I can at least be at peace knowing that without actually having to watch the movie.

Nilus: I know a lot of people felt that way but I really think Death Proof was a better movie, if a bit slower. I think they made a mistake in the order they presented the movies though...the slower movie should have been first, considering that my ass was right sore sitting in that theater seat by the start of that third hour.

Krish-0: Gotta disagree about Hot Rod. Funniest movie I saw all last year. I laughed so hard I was in tears, seriously. Wait a second--you LIKED Transformers because you get to "turn off your brain" and yet you didn't like Hot Rod? What gives, man??

Überguy: There was a period when Alvin and the Chipmunks was awesome? Do you hail from some parallel universe, or perhaps Earth-2?

Mattjack: Please tell me what frowning out loud sounds like. I must know.

And a couple of you mentioned the following:

Epic Movie and Halloween 2007. Honestly, I forgot about Epic Movie (and haven't seen it anyway) and I never saw Halloween 2007, so my judgment in the "raping of a franchise" category comes from my personal experience with Transformers versus all the shit I HEARD about Halloween. And as bad as the reports of Halloween I heard were, it just couldn't compare to the spewing, venomous hatred I feel for Transformers.
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