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You've made my point nicely HowardC. You say that the original Transformers series wasn't very good and that the movie took a major part of its plot from that. While you occasionally can get away with it, if you base something off of that which sucks, you end up with that which sucks. While I agree that there should have been humans in the movie to save, I think that their roles were over-inflated. They could have thrown out every scene between Blackout's attack and the first time Barricade goes after Sam and not have lost an incredible amount of plot information. They then could have used that time saved to develop a few of the robotic characters past the "Autobots are good because they cherish life and Decepticons are bad because they're power-hungry" stages. The humans in the animated series were nothing more than morality translators for what was going on between the giant sentient robots.

I must give you credit though for being better at watching summer blockbusters than I am. I agree that,even as is about the overly human-centric story, the movie had all the makings of an enjoyable summer blockbuster. I freely admit that I could not ever get the bother out of my head after I heard that Bumblebee was going to be a Camaro for no other reason than because General Motors paid a shitload of money to make it happen. Surely I'm not the only one who is tired of companies blatanly shoving advertisements at us at every turn. It's not a concept as high as "oh this stuff is ruining the high-art of a summer blockbuster" but for fuck's sake they're not even trying to hide it anymore and that's insulting.

You have made a great point that the Go-Bots sucking was thanks in large part to the fact that there were no humans. I remember specifically as a very small child being confused as to which were the good guys and which were the bad guys. With no humans to protect or no other obvious markings to denote factions, I had to rely on which ones were using the meanest voices to figure it out.
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