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Originally Posted by Protoclown View Post
Xydexx: If you were honestly offended by this, or think that I wrote it simply to "put other geeks down" (odd, considering I fall into about half of these categories), then you evidently take yourself WAY too seriously.
Man, what is it with folks who always think I'm "offended" by this and "take myself too seriously"? I mean, yeah, it's true I have no sense of humor (I traded it back in 2001 for some magic beans) but the truth is my attitude when I see stuff like this can be summed up with an exhausted sigh and an eyeroll.

It's like, yeah, okay, you can dump on furries/otaku/sci-fi/whatever folks. Maybe it was funny, y'know, last year. I mean, you know Lore Sjöberg did the whole Geek Hierarchy thing already in 2002, right? Six years ago. I know part of creativity is the art of hiding your sources, but c'mon, man...

Nah. To me, the most offensive thing about people making fun of furries isn't that they're making fun of furries---it's that they seem incapable of coming up with any other jokes. They fancy themselves comedy geniuses when they're just parrotting the same old stuff everyone's heard before. I dunno, maybe they're just new to the internets and it's their way of fitting in. I know being a newbie here means I have to spend time in the spanking machine (yay!), so I'm being a good sport and not taking it personally. Maybe I'll stick around, maybe I won't. I can assure you that has more to do with my priorities than being "offended." It's not like I don't have other things to do, y'know?

Look, I'm certainly not faulting you for trying and you get a gold star for effort. It just seems sites like these are a dime a dozen on the internet these days, and I wish someone would raise the bar already.

In the meantime, I enjoyed my 24-mile ride on my weirdo bike and saw some deer and stuff, thanks for asking.

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