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Originally Posted by Pentegarn View Post
Not to tell you how to handle your life, but if you think it is so bad here, why do you keep coming back and posting?
Since you asked:
1. Procrastination.
2. Curiosity to see whether y'all can live up Chojin's challenge of preventing the forums from becoming another 4chan/YTMND clone.

I know the mockery thing is what passes for fun around here, but I guess the question I keep asking is: Do you know any other tricks?

If you don't, then how exactly is this place any better than the endless repetition of 4chan/YTMND y'all seem to want to avoid?

Here's an idea... let's turn your question upside down and let you answer it: If you think it's so great here, why should I stay?

It's not that I don't have better things to do (and in fact, I spent the past 48 hours doing More Important Things) so convince me. What makes you and yours so special? Why should I stick around?

Originally Posted by Pentegarn View Post
If it is truely as unimpressive here as you seem to imply with that statement, why does it matter to you what was said at all?
In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter much to me at all. It's academic at best. You're not going to get me riled up by mocking me, because I already expect that's what this site is about. As I said, sites like these are a dime a dozen on the internets, and Chojin (supposedly) wants this place to be more than that, am I right? Or do you think Chojin is just "taking the internet too seriously"?

I'm just curious to see if any of y'all are willing to raise the bar.

OTOH, if you're really are this down on furries, why does it matter to you whether or not I think this site is just another 4chan/YTMND clone?

It honestly doesn't matter to me one way or another. Chances are I'm going to get busy with other things Real Soon Now and I'll get gone. The question here is whether you're willing to benefit from the feedback I'm offering while I'm here.

Originally Posted by Pentegarn View Post
Could it be that maybe deep down, it is in fact impressive to you and your reply is a bullshit attempt to lash out in revenge?
Heh. By that logic, your continued attempts to bait me means deep down inside you're just jealous of furries and want to snuggle in a fursuit or something but can't afford to buy one, right? Maybe you want to keep me around because you wish you had a silly squeaky pony for an online avatar. Maybe you want to virtually fondle my horn or something, but are too embarrassed of what your other i-mockery friends will think. Maybe you're secretly wishing I'd lure you over to the dark side and take you away from this frankenstein-like 4chan/YTMND horror of a forum.

Go on, admit it, you think you'd look cute in a chipmunk outfit. Even Tadao admits she wants to be an aye-aye or wombat or jellyfish or something. Maybe you're just afraid to admit to your own secret desires.

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