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Man oh man, so much mess here to take shots at.... where to start.

Originally Posted by Xydexx View Post
Since you asked:
1. Procrastination.
2. Curiosity to see whether y'all can live up Chojin's challenge of preventing the forums from becoming another 4chan/YTMND clone.

I know the mockery thing is what passes for fun around here, but I guess the question I keep asking is: Do you know any other tricks?
You didn't actually give any sort of substantial answer to my question. Perhaps because you don't have any valid answer of substance. As I said, if you hate it so much, if it is as subpar here as you claim you think it is, you would have never posted here in the first place. But you did, that means something, and that something is the opposite of, "this place is boring and I have seen all this before,"

Originally Posted by Xydexx View Post
If you don't, then how exactly is this place any better than the endless repetition of 4chan/YTMND y'all seem to want to avoid?

Here's an idea... let's turn your question upside down and let you answer it: If you think it's so great here, why should I stay?
Nice try, but as you are the one coming in here telling us our standards are not up to snuff, the onus is on you to back that argument up. As it stands, nobody here wants to convince you to stay because frankly we don't care. But when you start telling people they are like 4chan/ytmnd posters in a baseless attempt to get a rise out of us, we are going to lay the verbal smackdown on you. It is as simple as that. As it happens, you told everyone here you are a furry, so all you did was give us a target to blast. That would be your fault. Had you not wanted to hear "all the same furry jokes" you wouldn't have told us you were a furry would you? Unless of course you are too lacking in wits to know that revealing your love of all things furry would merely give us a target to make fun of. So which are you, a lackwit, or a masochist?

Originally Posted by Xydexx View Post
It's not that I don't have better things to do (and in fact, I spent the past 48 hours doing More Important Things)
Like what? Selecting a condom that looks like a weasel?

Originally Posted by Xydexx View Post
so convince me. What makes you and yours so special? Why should I stick around?
I believe I already addressed this. Stick around, or don't. My world and the world of everyone else will not change either way.

Originally Posted by Xydexx View Post
In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter much to me at all. It's academic at best. You're not going to get me riled up by mocking me, because I already expect that's what this site is about. As I said, sites like these are a dime a dozen on the internets, and Chojin (supposedly) wants this place to be more than that, am I right? Or do you think Chojin is just "taking the internet too seriously"?
I am not convinced of any of this. Had you said nothing in reply to my questions I would have been, but you proved my point by replying. We have you riled up. You actually took time to create an account exclusively to defend your lifestyle. If that isn't caring about what others think, I don't know what is.

Originally Posted by Xydexx View Post
OTOH, if you're really are this down on furries, why does it matter to you whether or not I think this site is just another 4chan/YTMND clone?
To me personally, it matters little other than it was an insult, so I asked you to explain why you felt the need to come in here and start a ruckus. Why out of all the "dime a dozen sites" that all doubtlessly blast furries in ways "you have heard before" are we the one you had to create a new account on and troll? Trying to reverse my argument against me is a worthless defense because I was already here posting weeks before this article was posted and weeks before your account existed. I didn't create a new account to defend i-mockery posters from you. So I say once again, the onus is on you to back your argument up. Not take mine and regurgitate it back to me by inserting your view into it. If I wanted that, I would record myself on a tape recorder and argue with that, or buy a parrot.... Wait I get it, you are acting out a furry fantasy right now by pretending to be a parrot aren't you?

Originally Posted by Xydexx View Post
Heh. By that logic, your continued attempts to bait me means deep down inside you're just jealous of furries and want to snuggle in a fursuit or something but can't afford to buy one, right? Maybe you want to keep me around because you wish you had a silly squeaky pony for an online avatar. Maybe you want to virtually fondle my horn or something, but are too embarrassed of what your other i-mockery friends will think. Maybe you're secretly wishing I'd lure you over to the dark side and take you away from this frankenstein-like 4chan/YTMND horror of a forum.

Go on, admit it, you think you'd look cute in a chipmunk outfit. Even Tadao admits she wants to be an aye-aye or wombat or jellyfish or something. Maybe you're just afraid to admit to your own secret desires.
Did you even read the comments before you posted your first one, or did you just go straight to blasting Protoclown? I point you to the fourth post on page one where I said:

"My friends and I stopped hanging out with a guy because he fell in with the furry crowd. I hesitate to call them a geek though, it is insulting to geeks. I actually rank them about equal with the trenchcoat guy who goes to those run down porno theaters."

Does that sound like someone who wants to be in with furries? If I wanted it, i would have already been one, I had an in long ago when he tried to convert me and because he tried to convert me, myself and my best friend and his wife and another couple we all hang out with simply got out of his life. We wish him well, we don't go to his house and make fun of him for his choice, but we do not want to be a part of that world. So I think that particular attempt to once again reverse my arguement against me was weak at best.

It's called reading comprehension, I highly recommend it.

You might want to bring something other than my own argument style back at me, all that shows is you have no valid argument to counter me with. Unless of course you are merely acting out those parrot fantasies I referred to earlier...

And by the way, way to accuse people of being unorignal and then completely rip off my argument in an attempt to counter it...

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