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Originally Posted by Xydexx View Post
A good place to start would've been a valid rebuttal instead of flying off the handle in a failed attempt to get a rise out of me.

Anyone else care to explain how this place is better than 4chan/YTMND since Pentegarn doesn't seem up to the challenge?
I thought I already told you, the onus is on you to back your weak argument up. Since you failed to do that, I will assume you can't.

You want a reason? Fine, we are better because I said so. That should be good enough for you since you clearly cannot counter anything I say without ripping off my tactics. Want another reason, a reason that states why you think it is better here? You are here arguing your case here, and not at 4chan and ytmnd. I would ask if anyone else would like to defend you since you are unable to defend yourself, but I won't because 1) all I would be doing is ripping your tactic off, even though I more than proved your take on i-mockery lacked substance so that question you asked would be invalid and 2) nobody here wants to defend you.

I expect your next reply (cause you cannot resist it) will be to give me a take with a 1) and 2) reason in it because I just did that in my post and all you seem capable of is your little parrot act.
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