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Thanks! Seriously, I love hearing f4rom all of you guys. I come from a performance comedy background, which I have been away from since my first daughter was born about thirteen years ago. Writing was always more of a deal to me even back then, but I do miss the feedback and thrill you get from an audience, and the new site design has really given that a boost.

I'll say it again at the risk of redundancy: If you like my stuff, and anyones here at I-mock, tell your friends! Forward stuff, if you are on Digg or Fark or any of those sites promote an article or writer that you like. It is so, so so so hard to make a living (or augment the job one holds for health benefits) doing this stuff, and RoG puts his heart, soul and many nasty bodily fluids into running I-mock. Anything you can do to promote us means a lot.
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