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Originally Posted by Cruxader View Post
My loathing for episodes 1 and 2 knows no bounds. (I nearly walked out of the theater during the whole "Anakin/Padme falling in love" fiasco...) Episode 3 was only slightly better in that I think I only rolled my eyes about 20 times during the movie as opposed to about 50 during the first two. Part of the reason I may have like Episode 3 better may be due to the fact that I knew the torture was finally coming to an end.

Combine that with terrible acting (I'm looking at you Hayden C.) and you have a recipe for disaster...
waa waa waa- everyone can make a better prequel than GL. Probally, but it seems like the EU was the big winner of the PT- and at the end of the day, it's still better than any other sci-fi (looking at you Trek).
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