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i'm 4 of those - MMORPG, Table-top gamer, sci-fi geek and LARPER - and also a certified black belt in Tang Soo Do (for the guy who belittled larpers who try to do martial arts) - if you give extra credit to music and film junkies because they sometimes go out of their homes into daylight (or moonlight), and you give extra credit to table-top gamers who interact with other actual humans, how can you put LARPERS so low on the list? not even considering the fact that many LARPERS are in great shape (i know a guy who can run backwards faster than i can run forwards, and i used to run track in school - and am still in decent shape - see black belt, above) and many LARPERS are also skilled craftspeople, seamstresses, chainmaillers (myself included) etc. i think you ought to reconsider where you place LARPERS.

P.S. my LARP character does wear fur, does that make me a member of 5? i'm gonna say no, since the fur part is secondary to the part about being in a LARP. I wouldn't wear the fur if it wasn't in the setting of being in a LARP.

P.P.S. i've dressed up for midnight movie openings as both sci-fi characters and fantasy characters, does that make me a film geek?

P.P.S.S oh, almost forgot, I was a disc jockey for over 10 years - does that automatically qualify me as a music geek? if so, i'm pushing 7 categories....

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