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Originally Posted by Styled Executioner View Post
Pretty good thus far. But the fact that you mentioned Viking Lofgren and failed to mention that he played another awesome asshole is criminal. I'm talking about Victor Kruger from Highlander of course. A quintessential asshole character who has been an asshole since the middle ages.
Yeah, and he was also the main asshole prison guard in The Shawshank Redemption and the asshole evil preacher in Carnivale... Clancy clearly knows how to play bad guys well. Viking just happens to be one of my favorites of his, because as big of an asshole as he is, he gets his ass handed to him throughout the film. Definitely can't say that about Victor Kruger heheh...

And thanks to all of you for posting so many good suggestions... keep 'em coming! You're definitely giving me plenty to work with here!
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