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I got two little disagreements, Proto. First off, I though on the whole, you're totally right about Toyman, I did kinda like what Paul Dini and Bruce Timm did with him in the superman show, and even more how they used him once they moved over to JLU. On the Speedball thing, though yes, he can be exceedingly annoying and the whole Penance thing is just stupid, quite personally, I was a big fan of the "New Warriors: Reality Bites" mini. I think it was under-rated, mostly because Marvel's terrified about releasing any books that aren't grim and gritty any more. Quesada, if you don't remember, tried to squeeze NextWave (awesome) into a pocket universe as soon as he realized what it was, totally forgetting that you're really not allowed to change the rules half way through the game. The Warrior's mini was just a fun read. It had a lot of charm and told a good story about heroes who were, when it all came down to it, losers. It was one of the first reasons I got pissed off at Millar with the Civil War. Why'd they have to destroy one of the few teams that was actually unique in the Marvel Universe? Perhaps it's because Mark Millar doesn't believe in fun.
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