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I agree that the movie was visually awesome and there were some hilarious scenes (The “I’m not a baby, I’m a tumor” one is a perfect example). The plot was weak in some parts, and they could have done a little more on character development, but I view that it was more of a bridge for a potential third part in the series. While evil Nazi’s would be good, it may get a little repetitive and predictable (i.e. Indiana Jones); so I am glad for a slightly different storyline.

I also like the fact that the story makes you wonder if Hellboy was fueled by the right motives, as Prince Nuada antagonizes the main character in a similar fashion as Magneto to Xavier (nice catch on that one, Rog). It also makes you anticipate on what the third movie may have in store. Without giving too much away, Liz meets a character that tells her that she will “suffer worse than the rest”. In all, I still say that this was an entertaining movie and cannot wait for the third installment.
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