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Excellent review (if a somewhat expected score, not that it's a bad thing. And finally someone else who doesn't blame solely Jones for his Two-Face). This was a fantastic movie and I loved it, which is saying something since I usually don't care much at all for superhero movies. Everything that's been said about the Joker is spot-on; hyped-up roles tend to be less than desired after a while (I wasn't exactly wowed by Daniel Plainview), but not Ledger; he acted in a legendary fashion, and it's a damn shame he's gone (but what a curtain call!).

Great as it was, though, the movie still had flaws. The over-long running time (being the result of a few too many unnecessary scenes; Hong Kong, I'm looking at you), the fact that Bale just sounded corny sometimes with that voice (glad you caught that), and some of the sub-plots didn't really go anywhere (like that underling who knew Batman's identity. He just kinda disappeared). Luckily, the general pacing of the movie covered these up, so it's still a great movie (it's just not the greatest film ever made, as many have already declared). So while I still think Sin City is the best comic book movie (what can I say, it had everything I wanted and Tarentino. It's win-win), this is definitely one of the greats, and easily one of the best movies this year.
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