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oh shit I almost forgot the whole "Who is and who isn't a Skrull" story line. How about all the Characters of the Marvel Universe get their own one shot called "_____ kills Aunt May!" And make them all be Skrull versions of her just so we can see them all fuck her up? But saying that... I still want my original idea to be the first death of Aunt May...

May: "Peter sweetheart I just made your favorite cookies..."
Wolverine: "Snikt" hehehe
May: death moan
Sabertooth: "Thanks for killing the dried out old bitch runt"
Wolverine: "No problem... ya want a leg?"
Sabertooth: "Hell yes!"
Wolverine: "I'll carve."

Said the gravedigger to his dirt.
Said the whore to her pimp.
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