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Watching this movie was one of the single worst experiences I have ever had in a theater. While I usually hate people who talk or discuss during any movie I see, I was too busy pretending to stab myself in the eyes and yelling "What!?!" every five seconds to care that I was possibly bothering anyone. I had made many excuses for ep.1, trying to defend the series, but after this I swore off Star Wars forever. Now I haven't seen this for years (never brave enough to re-watch), but if I can remember it my "favorite" parts were the "flowering" romance that gave us that great "frolicking" scene in the fields of Naboo... (There's a poem title). And my favorite line of dialog which was along the lines of "I hate sand, it's rough and coarse and gets in everything. Not like you... you're soft" or some crap like that. After this how did anyone look forward to Indy...
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