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frolicking in the fields of Naboo

I give chase of my Queen
Laughing like a giddy school boy
(Like I was when we met)
Does she run because she is being playful?
Or is she afraid of my Jedi Mind Trick?
There can be no other than her,
She has replaced the lost love in my heart that was once Obi Wan.
I hope I don't ever accidently kill her while she is impregnated with my child (children).
Fingers Crossed.

Fuck the Jedi Code I want me some Poonanny!

Anakin Skywalker

Who would have thought that Luke's badass daddy was a whinier bitch than he ever was?
At least by "Empire Strikes Back" Luke's balls had dropped. It took Anakin getting his ass handed and dipped in Lava and turned into Tetsuo: The Iron Man two get some scruples and even then who can forget his final whine in Episode 3?

Palpatine: "Hehehehe"

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